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Ayacucho represents 25% of all quinoa produced in Peru.

01. mission

Solid Food creates a win for you, a win for Ayacucho’s local farmers and a win for your customers.

Solid Food - Mission
Solid Food - discover the mother of grains

Quinoa, the complete seed

It’s been known for ages now; quinoa is the absolute mother of grains. Even the incas were certain of it. With it’s mark of super food, quinoa conquers the world. We like to refer to our Quinoa as ´the complete seed´ because of its taste, texture and health aspects (a complete protein!) plus its good functionalities. 

We produce your quinoa.

The quinoa plant is usually about 1–2 m high.
Solid Food - We produce your quinoa

02. Our products


In every stap of the chain we overlook the process to make sure everything goes according food safety regulations. Dedicated as we are, we always go the extra mile. We work closely with more than 500 local farmers in Ayacucho. This way, we know precisely when, where and who produced your quinoa.  
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top-quality quinoa from the source

Ayacucho is a region in Peru known for its top-quality quinoa. Our customers appreciate our quinoa because it tastes very good, gives a high yield in their production process and because we always use the same varieties enabling a stable quality. Moreover, we created a unique co-operation model with the local agricultural community.

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That’s us! Our teams in Peru and Belgium stay in close contact with each other to manage all orders and to ensure the highest quality possible. Together we make the perfect blend and that’s what our clients love about us! 
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03. customers

Our quinoa is loved all over the world. We produce for the food industry, retailers and wholesalers. Our quinoa comes in three different packages, depending on your specific needs. Discover it yourself!

04. certificates

We earned
some certificates.

BRC Agents & Brokers
USDA Organic
BE-BIO-01 (import)